A large general contractor and power company enlisted Sunrise Electric to be their material management partner on the project. This project spanned a period of 3 years, and covered 3 different states in the Eastern US.

Allegheny Trail

Project Complications

  • Very remote project management
  • Highly-aggressive timeline
  • No electric run to project locations
  • No Internet connections
  • In the mountains of Appalachia

Sunrise’s Above-and-Beyond Resolution

The Sunrise team delivered value-added solutions by putting ‘boots on the ground’ and mobilized an off-site material management team to assist our contractors on the field. While in the field we managed their local inventory in multiple locations, feeding over 280 miles of transmission line and substations. Deliveries of spanning over 120 miles was commonplace, and our team also implemented a QA/QC process to ensure the correct material was being delivered to the remote sites.