It was at the end of the year, during the holiday season, and one of our contractors wanted to take advantage of the quiet time of the year and do a Cat 6 wire pull for one of their customers over a weekend. To save on cost and labor, they had determined that it would workout best if the Cat 6 cable pull was from a bundled reel.

Cat 6 Crunch

Project Complications

  • The need was for over forty cables bundled together
  • The lead time was 3 days, this service if outsourced to a manufacturer requires a 7-day lead time during normal times (including transit and delivery)
  • With the holidays in full swing, many of the outsourced manufacturers were off on holiday
  • When pulling bundled cable, it is very important to have each cable identified to track the start and finish of each cable

Sunrise’s Above-and-Beyond Resolution

Upon hearing the request, Sunrise Electric’s team went into action, and devised a way to accomplish the task. In fewer than 2 days, Sunrise Electric was able to deliver two bundled spools (the larger of the two had 28 pulls on it), each labeled and ID’d at the start and finish of the pull. Sunrise Electric was once again able to serve their customer and assist in making the project a successful one.