A multistory hotel being put up in Downtown Chicago plans for over 350 rooms with over 20 different styles, plus a variety of kitchens and other public areas. Sunrise Electric was called upon to partner up on this project and to assist in facilitating a more efficient and economical process for the installation of the hotel room electrical and communication plates and devices.

Hotel Wiring & Communications

Project Complications

  • Multiple-floor hotel with different styles of rooms on each floor
  • Thousands of electrical devices and plates to keep straight
  • Different devices and plates required for each room, public area, and kitchen
  • Over 350 total rooms and 120 kitchens

Sunrise’s Above-and-Beyond Resolution

Sunrise Electric Supply worked closely with their customer to negotiate pricing with the manufacturer and identify a process that would assist on their installation of devices. We negotiated competitive pricing with the manufacturer and passed savings forward to the customer. We also created kits for each room type, including kitchens and public spaces. Kits averaged 10 different items, with a total piece count (per kit) of between 30 and 51 (average kit size 33 pieces). Kits were created by the Sunrise Electric team and clearly labelled by floor and room for easy identification. Product was delivered and billed when requested on a floor-by-floor basis.

The overall project came back as a success, and we ultimately saved our customer thousands in product costs and labor hours.