As part of ComEd’s relighting program they put up the tasks of replacing and recycling the old street lighting with new updated energy luminaire heads. This project involved providing logistics and storage of material for various relighting and smart meter initiatives.

ComEd Relighting Project and Smart Meter Initiatives

Project Complications

  • The customer had limited space and resources
  • Recycling efforts were required
  • Managing shipments from multiple sites
  • Requirement to return recycled material to each of the sites

Sunrise’s Above-and-Beyond Resolution

Sunrise Electric worked out a plan to manage the material at our location, giving the contractor a central location for the pickup of materials. We broke down the old luminaries, placed materials in recycling bins, and coordinated their pickup with ComEd. Sunrise also offered logistical support, coordinating deliveries and pickup at various sites. Finally, we came up with a luminaire tracking plan for pickup, delivery, and recycling, helping to keep the project moving smoothly and efficiently.