2016 – March Sunrise Advisor


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Sunrise Advisor UL GFI – Transitional Fittings V2 – I2.2

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has made some adjustments to their standards within the past recent months that will affect your project costs, along with a recent UL approval of a time savings product.

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UL 943 – What does the standard say? 

  •  All devices manufactured after June 2015 have to have an automatic ground fault self-testing feature.  If a problem is detected, power will be cut, or an indication must be given provided.
  •  New GFCIs must have a Line-Load Reversal Function – If the GFCI is miswired (Line to Load terminals), it will not reset or power until it is properly wired.

Other less common facts of the change:

  •  Any products manufactured prior to this new standard are grandfathered to the old standard.  The pre-standard parts maybe sold, or installed with no restrictions or phase out.  
  •  Due to the new requirements, the price of the new receptacles can run up to 40% higher than the current self-test models
  •  Sunrise Electric can help you meet these requirements with Leviton and Pass & Seymour devices

 UL/ETL Certified Bridgeport Transition Fittings

 Save time and money with the newly ETL/UL certified Bridgeport Transition fittings.  This new product line allows makes the transition between dissimilar systems a breeze while maintaining the integrity as required by the National Electrical Code.

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